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Thin Lips

Refreshed and renewed are the two most frequent comments we receive from patients who have had a Voluma lift. They report they no longer look tired, just a better, more youthful version of themselves. The process, however, is a paradox so subtle that only your Dermatologist and you know for sure anything was done. You look dramatically better without looking like you did anything at all. Impossible? Hardly. That's the beauty of Voluma.


Rather than just give you the standard Voluma information provided by the company that makes it, I want to give you more - not just my patients' experiences, but my own.


I have Voluma in my own face. I know how it feels and what the effect has been on how I look. It was part of my training in using the product and I love the results. It didn't hurt, although my face did feel "weird" in the injected area for a few days, and I didn't bruise. The result? I get comments everyday from patients who tell me that I look great and haven't aged a day since they saw me years ago.


Voluma helps to correct the entire face. It's not about "filling lines," but about lifting and correcting faces where hyaluronic acid has been lost with age - a normal process for us all.


Voluma is not just for those men and women who have enough birthday candles on their cake to warrant a fire extinguisher in the room. Younger men and women can get a jump start on avoiding facial aging by starting to add hyaluronic acid, the kind in Voluma, before things begin to "go south."

  • If you're the type of person who wants to look more youthful:
  • A businessperson competing in a youth-oriented marketplace.
  • A parent or grandparent with a child's or grandchild's wedding on the horizon
  • A younger person who wants to prevent as much facial aging as possible
  • Somebody who wants to just look more refreshed and less tired


A Voluma lift can be done on a one-visit basis or split into a few treatments, depending on the amount you want and your budget. You can "see" how a smaller amount makes you look before you add more. I will suggest to you what I feel is the right amount and have been trained to use less material correctly to obtain better results. You're always the final judge of how much we will use.


According the company, the results last up to two years. Compared to other fillers, that's excellent.


Cost will be discussed at the time of your initial consultation. As a cosmetic procedure, the cost is not covered by any insurance plans. We do run occasional specials. Check our face book page or frequently for any special offers.


Used correctly, there are minimal risks and side effects. There could be some bruising, usually very minor, and some soreness or discomfort the next day or two.


Voluma might be your answer. Call us at (847) 364-4717 to make an appointment for a consultation and see if it's right for you.

To learn more about Thin Lips make an online apointment. Also, you can visit for more information.


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