Unwanted Fat Treatment

Cellulite isn’t a medical concern, but many find it a considerable cosmetic challenge. If you’ve spent hours at the gym, purchased a garage-full of useless cellulite-burning equipment, and tried dieting the pockets of fat away to no avail, it might be time for a more direct approach.

Non-invasive fat removal is becoming increasingly popular among diverse populations of patients. If you have stubborn pockets of fat that you’d like to finally bid farewell to, IDI offers a series of next-generation thermal manipulation options designed to target unmovable fat cells.


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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the collection of normal fat deposits that give the appearance of uneven, lumpy skin on the hips, buttocks, and thighs. This is due to a network of connective fibers beneath the skin that pull downwards towards the muscle while the fat pushes upward.

While both men and women can have cellulite, it is more common in women. It is thought that because the connective fibers are arranged in a vertical fashion in women, the appearance of cellulite is more pronounced. It is mainly seen in the upper thigh and buttock region, though it can occur all over the body.

Cellulite can become more evident as we age due to the reduction of skin elasticity and thickness. Although being overweight or obese can make the appearance of cellulite more prominent, it occurs in thin and even relatively fit people, too. It is thought to be an inherited condition, as it can run in families.

Treatment Options

Many people find that the appearance of cellulite is dramatically reduced after weight loss. However, for people genetically predisposed to cellulite, this often doesn’t yield the desired results.

While a healthy diet and frequent exercise should always be among the main strategies for managing and minimizing cellulite, there are other cosmetic procedures that can deliver positive aesthetic outcomes. Some of the newest techniques include:

  • Radiofrequency treatments:This is the use of ablative laser technology to destroy the connective fibers that constrict fat deposits, creating a smoother appearance.
  • Cryolipolysis:This is a non-invasive technique that removes subcutaneous fat deposits by exposing them to freezing temperatures. The fat cells are destroyed, and ultimately flushed from the body.
  • Ultrasound:This technique employs intensely powerful sonic waves to destabilize walls of fat cells in the target area. The body metabolizes the fat, removing it from the body completely.


At IDI, we partner with you to determine the best cellulite removal strategy for your body, lifestyle, and goals. If you think fat removal treatment could be right for you, please contact our helpful team to book a consultation today!


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