Keloid Scar Treatment

If you have a keloid scar located on a highly noticeable part of your body, you have probably considered removal. But what is a keloid scar, and what does treatment involve?

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What Are Keloid Scars?

Keloids are shiny, raised scars that are the natural result of the healing process after a physical trauma. While they can form on anyone, they tend to form aggressively on people with darker skin tones, and are more likely to occur as a result of relatively minor injuries. Moreover, they can extend beyond the site of the original injury.

One of the reasons they are believed to occur is the overgeneration of a protein in the skin called collagen. There could be a genetic component involved, as it is thought to be an inheritable trait.

Some of the hallmarks include:

  • Shiny surface
  • Thick and dense texture
  • Domed
  • Dark red or purple, but becoming light brown over time


People who are predisposed to keloids can form them after slight injuries, such as ear piercing, minor cuts, or acne. People who do not typically form them as a result of a non-serious injury might develop them after experiencing a moderately serious burn.

Treatment Options

Removal treatments will depend upon the patient’s susceptibility to scarring – if a patient is prone to developing keloids after only slight injuries, surgical intervention might not be a good option.

Laser treatments can lighten and shrink some kinds of scars by resurfacing the skin. Steroid injections or steroid dressings might minimize their appearance.

If you have a keloid scar, please schedule an appointment with the helpful team at IDI to discuss the most effective removal options for your condition, skin type, lifestyle, and goals.


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